Policy / Circular Date of Issue
Effective Utilisation of MoRT&H Chair Professors 26-12-2023 Download
Order on usage of Flyash in NH Construction-reg. 26-09-2023 Download
Adoption and lmplementation of lntegrity Pact- engagement of lndependent External
Monitor (lEMs) in the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway- reg.
28-06-2023 Download
Benefits of use of Industrialised Pre-cast Concrete Elements in NH Projects -Reg. 15-06-2023 Download
Retief for Contractors/Developers of Road Sector in view of COVID- 19 pandemic 04-05-2023 Download
Extension of the Validity of documents related to Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989Empanelment of NSV Consultant _ Tender ID 2020_MoRTH_568527 _1 20-04-2021 Download
Empanelment of Road Safety Consultant – Tender ID 2020_MoRTH_568527 20-04-2021 Download
Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for Projects Management Consultancy (PMC)_ Modified Document 09-04-2021 Download
Order regarding joining of Shri Ashok Kumar Jain as Advisor of Green Highways Division_GHD_ 30-03-2021 Download
Use of plastic waste in bituminous mix in the construction of Service Roads along National Highways 26-03-2021 Download
Changes in RFP/Concession/Contract document for introduction of PMS/Data lake Portal for communication of Project related correspondences between Concessionaires / Contractors, AEs/ IEs/DPR consultant and NHAI in all ongoing and upcoming projects 25-03-2021 Download
Model Terms of Reference (ToR) for Supply, Operation and Maintenance of Incident Management Services (IMS) on NHs entrusted with State Governments/UTs 22-03-2021 Download
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between DRDO and MoRTH for Geo-hazards mitigation measures on National Highways (NHs) (669.88 Kb ) 17-03-2021 Download
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT), registration and activation in VAHAN 22-02-2021 Download
Empanelment of Road Safety NSV Consultant 16-02-2021 Download
Reinforcing Steel Bars: Clause 1009.3.1 of Ministry’s Specifications for Road and Bridge Works 12-02-2021 Download
Policy Guidelines for Development of Wayside Amenities along NHs and Expressways 11-02-2021 Download
Making short films/videos on project/stretch being completed by Road Wing, NHAI or NHIDCL 11-02-2021 Download
Provision for Incident Management Services (IMS) for development projects and PR /IRQP Works on NHs entrusted with State Governments/UTs 09-02-2021 Download
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Incident Management Services (IMS) on NHs entrusted with State Governments/UTs 09-02-2021 Download
Integration of NSV/FWD Survey Data with RAMS for all NHs, irrespective of Agencies (State PWD/NHAI/NHIDCL/BRO) they are entrusted with-Reg 04-02-2021 Download
Draft SOP for data collection under Road Asset Management System (RAMS) for the entire National Highways (NHs) Network in the Country 04-02-2021 Download
Guidelines / Norms for grant of permission for construction of access to Fuel Stations, Wayside Amenities, Connecting Roads, Other Properties, Rest Area Complexes a such other facilities 28-01-2021 Download
Use of Stainless Steel in Bridges on National Highways and other centrally sponsored Projects to be constructed in marine Environment Susceptible to Severe Corrosion 22-01-2021 Download
Contract Document for Short Term maintenance of NHs 15-01-2021 Download
19th Meeting of National Road Safety Council (NRSC) on 19th January, 2021 at 11.30 AM at Vigyan bhawan, New Delhi (1.08 Mb) 12-01-2021 Download
Policy guidelines on action against the consultancy firm and key personel for misrepresentation of facts & fraudulent practices and non performance 06-01-2021 Download
Warning letter to M/S Reso tech Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Indore regarding Collapse of scaffolding for the project of construction of approaches in KM 531.934 to Km 536.250 for bridge across river Zuari of existing NH-17 (New NH-66) on Panjim – Mangalore section in the State of Goa Pkg – III on EPC mode 24-08-2020 Download


Policy / Circular Date of Issue
Mandatory use of Maintenance Module of NHAI One Application 09-02-2024 Download
Chairman NHAI Note dt. 31.01.2024 (deductions made /amount withhold form invoices submitted by Contractor/Consultants) 31-01-2024 Download
Fee Schedule of SAROD 29-01-2024 Download
Standard operating Procedure for ensuring operational Transparency in Tolling operational especially with respect to cash and overload fee collection 25-01-2024 Download
Guidelines for defending the cases of charging tariffs equivalent to local municipal bodies for street Lighting in the Projects of NHAI, before CGRF/APTEL/Courts-reg. 25-01-2024 Download
Installation of Vehicle Location Tracking Devices /GPS on Construction vehicles deployed at site by Contractor/Concessionaire 18-01-2024 Download
NHAI takes ‘One Vehicle One FASTag’ initiative for enhancement 15-01-2024 Download
Settlement of Contractual Disputes-Clarification on Recovery against dues of NHAI from settlement amount under VSV-II Scheme 11-01-2024 Download
SOP to improve Authority’s Engineer’s/ Independent Engineer’s/ Supervision Consultant’s Performance and better Contract Administration 10-01-2024 Download
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for making payments under Vivad Se Vishwas Scheme from NHAI-HQ 08-01-2024 Download
NHAI Policy Guidelines on ambiguity in lead/JV partners shares in submission of bids for Consultancy Assignments 29-12-2023 Download
NHAI office memorandum on Acceptance of ‘Bid Security and Performance Security’ as physical Bank guarantee 26-12-2023 Download
Chairman NHAI instructions towards Implementation/ Transition to new online RFI System 22-12-2023 Download
Standardization of template for filing petitions under Section 34 & Section 37 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 for withdrawal of ongoing court cases at Delhi High Court under “Vivad Se Vishwas – II” Scheme – reg. 22-12-2023 Download
Ammendment to NHAI Policy Guidline Public Funded 10-11-2023 Download
Ammendment to NHAI Policy Guidlines Delegation of Powers 10-11-2023 Download
Clarification and Modification of Policy Circular 10-11-2023 Download
Clarification on Calculation of Base 10-11-2023 Download
Collections of Sample from Quality Division 10-11-2023 Download
Engagemnets of Personel by contractors in EPC projects 10-11-2023 Download
Record Retention Schedule and Digitization of Records in NHAI 08-11-2023 Download
Optimization of Planning & Execution of Projects -Approval of project by Land Acquisition Committee(LAC) 03-11-2023 Download
Revised Delegation of Power for approval of Change of Scope Revised Pre-Construction Cost & Revised Project(Capital) 03-11-2023 Download
Revision of Policy matters for provision of resources to CALA where SLAU have not been constituted and extension for the same 03-11-2023 Download
Schedule of expenses and fees payable to the Member(s) of Dispute Review Board(DRB) 03-11-2023 Download
Works sanctioned & Bids invited by Regional officers to decide on COS and EOT 03-11-2023 Download
NHAI letter on Data Lake Module 29-08-2023 Download
Implementation of Vivad se Vishwas || (Contractual Disputes) One-time Settlement Scheme as per NHAI Policy Guidelines (SOP) 11-07-2023 Download
NHAI Applicabilty of Discount, Premium on COS proposals Utility Shifting NHAI Policy 04-07-2023 Download
Inclusion of provision regarding accepting E-bank Guarantee and insurance surety bonds as ‘Bid Security’ and ‘Performance Security’ in standard documents of EPC, HAM and BOT (Toll) – reg. 13-06-2023 Download
Delegation of powers for rectification of Accident spots through short term measures – reg. 06-06-2023 Download
Submission of proposals related to change in ownership / shareholding through Data Lake-Go-live of Change of ownership Module on Data Lake 22-05-2023 Download
Acceptance of ‘Bid Security and Performance Security’ as Physical Bank Guarantee along with e-BG 17-05-2023 Download
Updation in Duplicate Transaction Logic Implementation in Acquiring system to avoid double deduction care Reg. 17-05-2023 Download
Clarification regarding applicability of GST on BOT (Toll) projects and payment of GST under change in law on BOT (Toll) project 03-05-2023 Download
Mandatory migration of all pending NH fee plazas to ICD 2.5 specification for facilitating real-time ETC transaction processing 13-04-2023 Download
NHAI/11013/IE,AE&SClRFP/Docu./2017/136974 25-06-2019 Download
Handia-Varanasi/NH-2/Hybrid Annuity/UP(Tech-Div)/IE/2016/110858 02-06-2018 Download
NHAI/F&A/2016-17/CALA-Finance dated 31-05-2017 Download
No. NHAI/2017/HAM/CGM(F) 22-03-2017 Download
No. NHAI/2017/HAM/CGM(F) 16-03-2017 Download
NHAI/CGM/BOT(FIN) 2016-17 06-12-2016 Download
NHAI/CGM(F)/Measures to Revive/2016 30-11-2016 Download
NHAI/CGM/BOT(FIN) 2016-17 29-11-2016 Download
NHAI/F&A/BOT/11019/27/2014 06-05-2016 Download

Govt. of India

Policy / Circular Date of Issue
Vivad Se Viswas Contractual Disputes Extension 29-12-2023 Download
Amendment in financial rules 2017 Rule 171(1) Performance security related 29-12-2023 Download