Members acquire road concessions post construction and focus on operation and maintenance of these road assets through application of best practices, in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and its regulator, National Highway Authority of India.

What we do

Operation and Maintenance

Highway Safety

Wayside Amenities

Emergency Response

Technology Upgradation

Social Responsibility

Sh. Nitin Jairam Gadkari

Honorable Minister
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

We can turn any problem into opportunity. We need to focus on
highway building with renewed vigour. The highway sector has
faced many obstacles due to coronavirus. In the coming years, we
will have to give the highest priority to the infrastructure sector.
To accelerate the economy, infrastructure is needed.
Paraphrasing what Kennedy said for America-Indian roads will
not be good because India is rich, but India will be rich because
its roads are good.

HOA(I) members assure our Minister, and India’s public,
of our common intent. Together we shall succeed!

Gen. (Dr) Vijay Kumar Singh

Honorable Minister of State


Governance Safety and ABC

This is the basic fabric that binds all HOA(I) members together to make the sector one of
best in class, enhancing international investors’ confidence for transparent and safer
business in India.
. Road Safety as well as Occupational Health & Safety of our workers
. ABC (Anti Bribery & Corruption) – Doing business in the most ethical ways

Advocacy for Sound O&M Practices

Bringing sound Operational and Maintenance practices from our global asset base and
helping authorities update standards & codes, optimize resources, effective cost-saving,
smoother and better roads and last but not the least, providing the best user
experience with frictionless tolling operations across our roads.

Adaptation of the best of Technology

Asset-management based O&M of roads is new in India, and together we will raise
the sector to greater heights of technology. Modernization will involve the transition
from manual to mechanized O&M, improve quality of maintenance, reduce cost and
improve safety.

A Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Stakeholder Consultation

Facilitate knowledge sharing among the Members and with Authorities, and providing
a common platform for consultation. This would also help authorities and other
private organizations develop a framework to facilitate ease of doing business
and design financial structures. This platform may help convert non-viable
road corridors required by the government into viable investment opportunities.

A Platform for Investment Promotion

We intend to fill the gap between requirements of the road authorities and investor
community expectation. This platform should help several authorities (state governments,
special project etc.) to work with us for monetizing their road assets with international
and national funds wanting to invest in Indian Roads.

Members of HOA(I) are operating
over 72 road assets with an Aum
of USD 7.2 Bn; having acquired
most of these assets in the last
5 years, garnering large scale
FDI into the country and supporting
the Government of India’s asset
monetization programme.

Both NHAI / MoRTH launched Toll
Operate Transfer (TOT) packages
have been awarded to our members
viz TOT 1 to Macquarie and TOT 2
to Cube Highways. Members are
ready to continue acquiring from
the secondary market and invest
in primary offerings of NHAI in the
form of TOT, INVIT, etc.

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